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Kim Sheppard

2015 Graduate

I grew up with my dad as a court reporter my entire life. I would listen to him dictate in the home office. When he would finish, my mom would proof it for him.

Why I waited 30 years to decide to pursue “scoping” is something I’ll never know. It must have been Laurie’s Facebook post and running into her in the library. I thought about it for a couple days and decided, yes, I would try it. I really enjoyed the class and meeting the other ladies who were all around my age.

After graduating, I was lucky to get my first job right away. I have since gone into Wicomico County Circuit Court and sat in on a few cases which has helped me to see how the court operates.

I really enjoy scoping and I have kept my part-time job and work on scoping in the evenings when I’m free and my girls are doing their homework. I really love having the extra income.

Laurie was right when she said there are a ton of court reporters looking for good scopists. The work is out there -- and once you get started, you’re hooked!

Cindy Brinsfield

2016 Graduate

I am a recent graduate of the LAM Scoping/CRA Training Class.  My employer of 37 years moved to Alabama and I needed a job.  I knew without a doubt that I did not want to work in an office again.  I saw the advertisement in the paper, called to make sure it was legit and enjoyed every minute of the 12-week training class as well as the software training class (which I strongly recommend); and, of course, learning that foreign language we all "finally" learned to read:  Stenography.  Since graduating, I have found that there are many court reporters who are looking for trained scopists to edit their transcripts.  This is a fun, personally fulfilling job that is very flexible with respect to time and can be done almost anywhere.  

Laura Collins

2016 Graduate

I am a recent graduate of CRA Training Class and the CRA Hands-On CaseCatalyst Basic Editing Training Class.  For the past 20 years, my main job has been a full-time mother to our two young men and a part-time bookkeeper.  But now that my children are older, I was looking to advance in a new career providing higher income.  My cousin had shared with me her interest in a new form of self-employment - scoping.  When we first talked about the scopist training, she had already started the first two classes.  It seemed very interesting and something like almost anyone could do.  I contacted Laurie right away.  I was swiftly able to get into the third class and catch up with the other students.  It was a challenge at times, but nothing a mom couldn't handle!  I have learned a lot and enjoyed my time.  Laurie offers a comprehensive training program - but she is the first to say that we need to continue our education after her class has concluded.  I have started my scoping career part-time with a client in Georgia who has also assisted me in continuing to learn.  I hope you, too, will find a successful experience in scoping just like I have.